Ghost Busters

Christine has a new co-worker on the scene, Anton.  They have a shared love of Classical Dressage and have been imposing this love onto all the horses at the manor.  Thrilled by their achievements they inform Mary, who is excited … Continue reading

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A Sorry State

“It must have been the puppies” A chorus that always seemed to be cried by all when something went awry in the household and still appeared to make anger turn to laughter.  Albeit wearing a little thin now since Banjo’s … Continue reading

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An interview with Charmian Hussey

In my quest to improve my writing skills and learn from the masters, I interviewed Charmian Hussey.  Charmian’s life is fascinating in itself: top fashion model, archaeologist, Oxford graduate, rare-dog breeder, traveller, a friend to Agatha Christie, she is also … Continue reading

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On writing and blogging – an interview with Andy Szpuk

In my quest to learn more about writing, I interviewed Andy Szpuk. Novelist, short story writer and poet, Andy Szpuk is based in Nottingham, UK. His historical memoir ‘Sliding on the Snow Stone’ is available from multiple web retailers and is … Continue reading

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Slings & Arrows

On a bright sunny morning the majority of the household were awoken by what sounded like builders mid-renovation.  Deandre, Tiffany and Mary opened their bedroom windows in almost perfect unison to see one of the Spanish horses elegantly piaffing outside … Continue reading

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The Art of Writing by an Amateur Blogger!

Well, I’ve felt like writing for a while now, even though at this moment in time I have absolutely no idea how to start.  Anyhow, having heard about the Chipping Norton Literature Festival I decided this would be a good kick start and signed up as a volunteer in order to understand ‘The Art of Writing’.

Some wise old fool once said ‘Things that are most challenging will give you the most satisfaction’.  I hope that this is true.

– from where do you draw your inspiration

I have been inspired by the personalities of friends I have recently made.  The events that occur with or around me are dramatically different to the small world I previously occupied.  Not generalising, but presuming the majority of the population live in a similar environment to what was my own and given a taste of how these extraordinarily talented people live their lives,  I wish to share some of it with you, an insight to the characters, experiences and provide entertainment along the way!

– and how you transform that into a little story;

One of the best tips I’ve found on the internet so far, was to write line by line (little steps) eventually making a little story, then create a book comprising these little stories – Perfect!

I’ve started by introducing my main characters and painted with words a taster of their personalities by how they would react in their day to day lives.

– what it is you are finding more difficult when you write, and what you hope to learn from the events/workshops you want to attend;

A challenge I have set myself, as this is a giant step out of my comfort zone (being more creative than literal), the inspiration from the youthfulness, enthusiasm, ambition and persistence around me has fed my incessant desire to share this with you.  In terms of skills I have had to learn to edit my thoughts as I put them on the page.

Fortunate to have very good friends, I’ve been started off with this format and constantly nagged if I’m too long winded and boring.  I’d also been informed of the upcoming Literature Festival in Chipping Norton, immediately signed up as a volunteer to obtain knowledge from the experts for my new project and I’m really looking forward to it.

  • Writing Short Stories
  • Real Life, Life Writing
  • Writing a Graphic Novel
  • Writing Humour Workshop
  • Bringing your Characters to Life

Are all high on my list!

Perhaps when I have attended some of the above workshops you may notice a change in my writing style and I would love some feedback.

– and how all my blogs (short stories) would look if I put them together in one book.

Personally I imagined the bigger picture first, as I initially thought of writing Biographies, creating an e-book or even publishing hardback or paperback books.

As this is a large task for a complete amateur, I decided to take the advice I’d learned from the internet and create short stories first.  Without giving away the real truth but taking snippets and letting the imagination run wild!

By putting all my blogs/short stories together I can then rearrange them later into some kind of orderly manner.

My blogs (short stories) initially are an introduction to each character and hopefully provide you with enough information to start to understand their personalities and what I contend with on a day to day basis.  There will, without doubt, be new ones added in due course.

I am hoping to find out from one of the events taking place how professional authors and other people attending the event set about their own blogs and writing.  But what I

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Short back and sides

Mary is a little shell shocked.  She thought she knew her way around the world, had met every possible character in life, had seen everything.. and then one day she arrived at the Manor. Deandre was a revelation; immaculate, attractive, … Continue reading

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