Slings & Arrows

On a bright sunny morning the majority of the household were awoken by what sounded like builders mid-renovation.  Deandre, Tiffany and Mary opened their bedroom windows in almost perfect unison to see one of the Spanish horses elegantly piaffing outside the house in the stable yard. He was a spectacular sight, long mane and tail flagging in the light breeze, sunshine glinting off his coat. His saddle and bridle reflecting in the light.

Something was missing from this picture, but it was completed as Tiffany’s friend Brad rounded the corner muttering ‘Dang horse, it always looks so simple in the movies!’ He has developed the posture of a child with an overfull nappy, which gave a clear indication of how he had landed from the horse.

‘What were you doing?’ shouted Tiffany; a sheepish Brad responded that he had wanted to surprise her with his riding skills.

Brad had arrived a few days earlier from the States, a long distance relationship but kept alive by Skype and frequent visits (when Tiffany did catch her flights).  He soon settled in to our little community, his skills in physiotherapy coming in very handy with all those aching horse riders. Except for Mary, who was asked the other night if she had ridden her horse yet or was still just hugging it.

Brad and Tiffany were very much the floor show for the week, both being very enthusiastic about all sorts of active sports, entertaining the others with demonstrations of stunt fighting (don’t worry Tiffany, that black eye will cover with make up) and running up trees and other objects.  Tonight it was sword fighting, the chinking and sounds of air slicing, clad in their white skin tight outfits and black masks.

The chaos started around the manor, the neatly mown and level ground now amass with freshly cut leaves and branches, daffodil heads and petals.  The garden furniture as if just thrown here, there and everywhere …

Yells of lively language broke the fight as Deandre’s groom had just been trodden and squashed by one of the horses struggling to see what his companions were curiously warning each other about with their screaming neighs.  Christine aiming her shouts directly to Brad and Tiffany as she caught a glimpse of them jumping roof to roof of the stable yard.


About Majoula

Welcome to Majoula's Chronicles, the day to day goings on in my small world, featuring larger than life characters. This is my slice of reality TV on the net, painting pen pictures for you of the people, animals and countryside around me. Maybe you would like to share some of your stories with me? After all - "Every Day's A School Day" Look forward to hearing from you. Majoula
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