Ghost Busters

Christine has a new co-worker on the scene, Anton.  They have a shared love of Classical Dressage and have been imposing this love onto all the horses at the manor.  Thrilled by their achievements they inform Mary, who is excited to find out what her beloved cob, Dillon has learnt.

A pleasurable ramble around the estate was planned as usual, a refreshing break from the confines of her day job at the library.  Christine and Anton joined in with a couple of the more elegant competition horses.  It was a very pleasant evening the sun was warm enough for them not to be clad in the usual wet weather gear with just a slight warm breeze flicking any remaining daffodils along the lane.

Anton entertained Mary with his life stories and she was enthralled by his boyish good looks, tall, blonde, muscular, another plus on the eye candy counter.  So much so that they had become unaware of the sudden change in weather, the light breeze had picked up into a gale, the skies blackened by a heavy rain cloud until a sudden blast of wind appeared to upset Christine’s mount ‘Frog’.  Don’t panic, Anton warned Mary, it’s probably a leaf that’s upset him.  Alas this was not the case but a herd of deer who were also upset by the sudden change in conditions.

As with most animals, the herd instincts kicked in and the three riders were now in pursuit of shelter of the forthcoming inclements.  Although pre-warned, Mary was unprepared for the exceptional and rather bouncy stride of her beloved cob, which now became alternate bucks and rears.  Anton bellowed ahead to Christine, who was now performing rather large circles on Frog in their new surroundings.  The large circle trick was used to tire a horse who had taken control of speed and strength.  It didn’t seem to be working too well.

It was at this point that Mary discovered just which new tricks her horse had been taught as they danced sideways one way and then another until control was regained under the swaying trees. An impressed Anton remarked on Mary’s ‘airs above the saddle’ as they made their way more sedately towards the yard.

The evening brought a small social event at the Manor, a usual occurrence when a new house-mate, visitor or such-like appeared or disappeared – any excuse to party!

The traditional hauling of champagne crates from the cellar accompanied with the delightful supply of canapes freshly delivered from the Posh Munchies catering company.

Loud music bounced from the walls and if you stood close enough the panes of glass in the windows rumbled in tune with the bass due to the eroding putty.  Drinks a plenty, dancing and laughing bellowed through the house until night turned to day followed by the early morning birds.

By midday stories of the night’s activities were recalled and whispered over so as not to disturb  Deandre’s crashing hangover, occasionally punctuated by giggles and more ghost stories.  An unfortunate spray had been found on the cream carpets from one overzealous household member.

“It must have been the puppies” whispered Tiffany, tiptoeing her way to the kitchen for her lemon tea.  The reasoning for this behaviour was due to her usual scaremongering tactics to anyone new with her stories of resident spooks.

It was impossible to walk along the upstairs corridor without the sound of creaking floorboards.  Mary at first, was indeed alarmed when door handles turned and doors creaked open in the middle of the night without the sound of footsteps.  Although it puzzled Mary for a few months, she was this time on guard and once again discovered the ‘mission impossible’ manoeuvres performed by Tiffany aided by more of her overwhelming film props.  Her spiderman tactics which including walking the ceilings were performed using sticky pumps, knee pads and gloves – what a surprise!

Mary agreed not to divulge the secrets to a very nervous Anton just yet, as Tiffany shared the remaining props from her vast trunk and give brief examples of what each could be used for.


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Welcome to Majoula's Chronicles, the day to day goings on in my small world, featuring larger than life characters. This is my slice of reality TV on the net, painting pen pictures for you of the people, animals and countryside around me. Maybe you would like to share some of your stories with me? After all - "Every Day's A School Day" Look forward to hearing from you. Majoula
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