Short back and sides

Mary is a little shell shocked.  She thought she knew her way around the world, had met every possible character in life, had seen everything.. and then one day she arrived at the Manor.

Deandre was a revelation; immaculate, attractive, friendly and oozing confidence.  Mary was immediately charmed and reassured by him.  She wasted no time in moving in to join Deandre and his friends, horses and dogs.

What an adventure!

The house was something she had only ever seen in showrooms and glossy lifestyle magazines…  spotlessly clean and littered with pictures of Deandre in top hat and tails posing elegantly on dressage horses.  The bathroom cabinets groaned under the weight of skincare and cosmetics products with an all inclusive spa & music centre thrown in for good measure.

Her bedroom had a glorious view over the stable yard.  Mary knew that she could keep a daily eye on her much loved hairy black and white cob. The kitchen with gleaming surfaces, all mod cons, a fridge full of champagne but very little food.  She realised if she was going to keep up with these people she was going to have to work harder.

In due course, Mary’s horse “Dillon” arrived at the yard, Mary was so looking forward to brushing his long mane and tail and took real pride in keeping his hairy legs clean as she found this strangely calming.

The next morning she left Dillon in Deandre’s care for the day whilst she went to work.  On her return that evening it appeared another horse had been put in his stable.  Looking over the door at her was a slightly bemused, clipped, trimmed and immaculate horse.  His beautiful long mane brutally shortened and thinned and where there were once hairy leg warmers Mary noticed some rather elegant legs and shiny feet.

She didn’t know whether to cry or admire the handiwork.  Deandre appeared with a “doesn’t he look better now” comment and added “I can’t say it was all my own work, my groom did it -can’t stand horse hair myself it makes me sneeze”.

Mary took to her room to ponder what this meant for her future…


About Majoula

Welcome to Majoula's Chronicles, the day to day goings on in my small world, featuring larger than life characters. This is my slice of reality TV on the net, painting pen pictures for you of the people, animals and countryside around me. Maybe you would like to share some of your stories with me? After all - "Every Day's A School Day" Look forward to hearing from you. Majoula
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