Shiny Boots

After providing breakfast for his four legged creatures, Deandre was now enjoying a well deserved flat white coffee and croissant his best friend had just purchased from the local Costa Cafe bar (the only thing she knew to help soften … Continue reading

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The Whirlwind!

Let me share with you my first character – Tiffany.  A girl notorious for missing more planes than she’s managed to catch! Tiffany has so many fingers in so many pies she could be basted in gravy.  I’m left breathless … Continue reading

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Why am I here?

Well, I’ve felt like writing for a while now, even though at this moment in time I have absolutely no idea how to start.  Anyhow, having heard about the Chipping Norton Literature Festival I decided this would be a … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to Majoula’s Chronicles, the day to day goings on in my small world, featuring larger than life characters.

This is my slice of reality TV on the net, painting pen pictures for you of the people, animals and countryside around me.

Maybe you would like to share some of your stories with me?

After all – “Every Day’s A School Day”

Look forward to hearing from you.

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