A Sorry State

“It must have been the puppies”

A chorus that always seemed to be cried by all when something went awry in the household and still appeared to make anger turn to laughter.  Albeit wearing a little thin now since Banjo’s puppies have long been rehomed and certainly did not work on Christine, the head groom.

Christine had once again had an encounter with nervous horses, but this time a little more serious having to be taken to the local A&E Department due to more disturbance of martial arts being performed in the yard.

Luckily there were no broken bones, black and blue language to match the bruising and a few bandages for support – all the support she was going to get, she assumed!  Only to be surprised by the mass of flowers and a crate of her favourite tipple of Malbec awaiting her arrival back home with a card signed by the culprits and promises of her duties being taken care of the next day for a speedier recovery.

A dark and dismal morning Christine returned to work only to be informed that the partners in crime had been head hunted for a film in the Maldives and probably wouldn’t be back for a month!  Although at first a little bitter with only visiting such a tranquil place in her dreams, Deandre assured her that normality had been restored with his usual list of tasks and competition dates whilst handing her a Latte and chocolate muffin.

Deandre sloped off leaving her with restored faith, he stopped momentarily and glanced back stating something that sounded like “Banjo’s going to be a Mummy again soon”…


About Majoula

Welcome to Majoula's Chronicles, the day to day goings on in my small world, featuring larger than life characters. This is my slice of reality TV on the net, painting pen pictures for you of the people, animals and countryside around me. Maybe you would like to share some of your stories with me? After all - "Every Day's A School Day" Look forward to hearing from you. Majoula
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